Firm News: Massachusetts Superior Court Denies Motion to Dismiss in Edelman v. Harvard

Ruth O'Meara-Costello

Together with co-counsel David Russcol and Harvey Silverglate of Zalkind Duncan & Bernstein LLP, I represent the Plaintiff in Benjamin Edelman v. Harvard University. My client, a former tenure-track faculty member at Harvard Business School, alleges in the lawsuit that Harvard breached its contract with him when it egregiously mishandled an investigation it undertook in connection with his application for promotion to tenure. On March 18, 2024, Judge Helene Kazanjian of the Massachusetts Superior Court denied Harvard’s motion to dismiss the case, allowing the case to move forward to discovery. Professor Edelman has written about Judge Kazanjian’s decision and the next steps for the case on his own website, and the Harvard Crimson has also covered the denial of Harvard’s Motion. You can read the court’s decision here.


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